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Join us every Wednesday night for beer club members night. Those that have drank 100 different beers from our list get 50% off any beer on draft. For those still building their list or already had 100 beers, join us the first Wednesday of every month for our beer club tasting night. We will have a featured beer to discuss, add to your beer sheet, and of course drink! 

For those of you new to the club and have seen our giant wall of names here's how to add yours.

 🍺 You ask any staff member for one of our beer sheets.

🍺 Order a beer.

🍺Fill out the sheet with that beer.

🍺 Repeat 100 times.

That simple. Once you've hit your 100 beers you will have a wonderfully curated craft beer lovers gift as well as a plaque on our wall with your name.

January we kick off with New England IPA featuring TALEA Beer Co. Sun Up IPA. Join us Wednesday, Jan. 5th for sniff, sip, indulge for a sample of their beer learn about the style and keep growing that beer palate!

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